Synergic Softek Solutions will continuously thrive to provide user-friendly and economic software solutions to the customers and ensure complete satisfaction in providing the best return for their investment.

We also provide Hardware, & Networking Solutions and AMC support by being a single window solution for all your IT needs.

Our strong partnership with Handheld POS manufacturer Powercrafts Electronics Pvt Ltd enabled us to become a major supplier of Handheld POS devices in east and north-eastern India. These devices are best solution for spot billing, toll plaza collection, bus ticketing or mobile ticketing, cash collection by bank agents and much more.

Our Product

Cooperative Banking Software

Most widely deployed branch automation product.Get all financial Reporting with ease. Serve all our member account holders faster.

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Cloud ERP Solution

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Payrol & HRMS

User-friendly and economic Payroll Management Software. Modular design, role-based access control and on-line updates.

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Cold storage solution

Manage all masters and transaction entries with ease. Auto cashbook and balance sheet generation. Quick search and detailed reports.

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Online college admission software

Makes management tasks of school & college a breeze. Complete online admission solution, fast and secure.

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Handheld POS Devices

Handheld POS devices for mobile ticketing, toll, and tax collection, cash collection by bank agents and much more.

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