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Core Banking Software FOR Cooperative Banks

Synergic Banking


Synergic Banking: CBS Edition

With Monthly Rental Mode

‘Synergic Banking’ offers Banking solution for both large and small banks and societies. With Total Branch Automation for banks with zero to a few numbers of branches to large banks with multiple branches spread across multiple states, our Total Branch Automation (TBA) and Core Banking Solution (CBS) offer complete banking solution for Cooperative Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) of all sizes.

Synergic Softek Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers core banking services on an outsourced Application Service Provider (ASP) model hosted in a secure remote cloud server to enable your bank to integrate all your branches and have a single view of the bank for effective management and control.

In recent times banking industry is undergoing major transformations which is triggered by the advent of internet, cloud computing, new hardware and software technologies, shifting focus on customer values, stringent regulatory guidelines and stiff competitive challenges.

In banking business the focus is now shifted to efficiency and reduction of waste in terms of assets and time, regulatory compliances, providing more value to the customers / user members and also the scalability to support growth and thereby becoming lean and agile organization.

Special Features:

  • Host to Host NEFT / RTGS integration (Real-time)
  • Balance inquiry on Missed Call
  • SMS Alert
  • GST Compliant
  • KYC System
  • Any Branch Banking (ABB)

Who can use our software?

Our banking solution has been customized to meet the specific requirements of entities like

  • SCBs & DCCBs,
  • Urban Co-operative Bank (UCB)
  • Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (ARDB),
  • Urban Co-operative Credit Society (CCS)
  • Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society (ECCS)
  • Mahila Co-operative Credit Society
  • Primary Agriculture Credit Society (PACS),
  • Financial Institutions & Corporation at National or State Level

Why use our software?

  • Reliable, scalable and secure software, hardware & cloud infrastructure
  • Customer centric solution
  • Data centre & disaster recovery centre
  • Daily and periodic operations
  • Report generation & distribution
  • Application maintenance / support
  • Guaranteed uptime for application & services
  • Service level agreement (SLA)

Any Branch Banking

With our core banking software, your branches no longer work in silos. With the centralized solution model, every branch is interconnected and exchanges transactional updates in real time, enabling them to serve the customers as the customer of the bank not as the customer of a particular branch by offering them Any Branch Banking service.

Highly Modular and Parameterized


Synergic Banking allows financial institutions to break silos, meet regulatory compli¬ances and increase profitability. Synergic Banking is scalable supporting your bank to grow with flexibility due to its highly modular and parameterized architecture. It allows your bank to choose and implement the right modules as per the current requirements.

Multi-channel Banking Interfaces

With the focus to add value to the ultimate customers of your bank, Synergic Banking offers multi-channel interfaces for banking transactions enabling the customers to perform banking transaction using a variety of service channels including

  • In Branch Banking
  • TeleBanking
  • SMS Banking
  • Kiosk Banking
  • ATM banking
  •  Agent-based Banking etc.

These help your bank achieve increased market reach and add to customer convenience.


Low cost of ownership with option for both CAPEX and OPEX payment mode. Our software acquisition model supports both CAPEX and OPEX model of payment which gives our customers option to choose one off purchase as a capital expenditure or opt in to our rental mode of payment supporting our software cost as a small periodic recurring operational expenditure to the organization.


We offer support for the Software Application, Hardware, and Cloud Infrastructure. Our support includes

  1. On-Site Handheld Training
  2. Phone Support
  3. Online Support
  4. Email Support

Unique Features of Synergic Banking

  • Use of Cloud Computing infrastructure
  • Integration among all three layers of Cooperative banking State, District and PACS (village / Taluka) for monitoring and reporting
  • A standardized approach to adopt common accounting system up to PACS level
  • Inter-bank transactions through NEFT / RTGS and ATM
  • Inter-Branch transactions, simple and single click interest calculation and bank closing activities
  • Capability to handle Direct Benefit transfers through PACS level
  • KYC compliant customer management
  • Adequately Parameterized
  • A role Based Access control system
  • Maker-Checker concept for transaction
  • Simple user interface aiming ease of use
  • Support Multiple Delivery Channels
  • Unicode Compliant for other languages
  • Provides SMS alerts
  • Fast generation of Account Statements and Statutory Reports
  • Fast reporting system (MIS- CAS)
  • Standardized bookkeeping (CAS)
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Low Operational Costs (Server, DC / DR)
  • Cost Effective as it needs only a thin client
  • Maintains
  • Various Banking Books and Ledgers
  • Trading of agricultural inputs
  • Trading of consumer items
  1. Modularity and parameterization for extensive flexibility
  2. Single-window, online, real-time processing
  3. Menu-driven, user-friendly interface
  4. Customizable authorization levels and other security provisions
  5. Integrated transaction-handling and management-reporting system
  6. Modular structure, expandable to 1,000 screens and 600 reports
  7. Provides comprehensive, accurate and updated information
  8. Provision for audits
  9. Provisions for archival and retrieval
  10. Provisions for backup and recovery
  11. Portability and connectivity
  12. Meets varied information needs — operational, statutory and managerial
  13. Computer-based training for users along with online help and the support of software professionals during
  14. implementation
  15. Processes data quickly and accurately, thereby enabling better customer service
  16. Ad hoc query-handling and report generation
  17. Technical support and maintenance services from Synergic Softek Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The realizability of our solutions is provided by mandatory training

Core Modules

  1. Administrative Function
  2. Customer Information
  3. Customer Services
  4. Transaction Processing
  5. General Ledger
  6. Security

Demand Liability Modules

  1. Savings Account
  2. Current Account

Time Liability Modules

  1. Fixed Deposit Account
  2. Recurring Deposit Account
  3. Daily Deposit Account
  4. Re-investment Account
  5. MIS Account
  6. Double Benefit Scheme Account

Fund Based Advances Modules

  1. Cash Credits and Overdrafts
  2. Loans
  3. Bills

Non-Fund Based Advances Modules

  1. Letter of Credit
  2. Bank Guarantees

Other Modules

  1. Instrument
  2. Remittances
  3. Inward & Outward Clearing
  4. Safe Deposit Vault
  5. Safe Custody
  6. Share Account
  7. Guarantee Fund Account
  8. Thrift Fund Account
  9. MIS Reports & Statutory Reports
  10. Signature Capture and Retrieval
  11. Passbook printing

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